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The Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group offers many benefits to its members and the local writing community. Among these are:

Critique Groups

The Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group currently has three active critique groups. These each meet once a month and allow members an opportunity to submit work to the group and receive feedback on ways to improve the piece and their writing in general. Visitors are welcome but only members may submit work for critique.

Writing Workshops

The Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group holds bi-monthly writing workshops on varied topics related to writing. These range from information on how to market yourself and your writing, to discussions of overall writing theory, to improving how you edit your work, to specific workshops from experts in law enforcement or other fields often used in works of fiction.

These workshops are free of charge and open to the public.

Brainstorming Sessions

The Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group hosts a monthly brainstorming session to help writers work through a difficult part of their story or to just get some feedback on an idea before putting pen to paper.

These sessions are open to the public.

Please see the About page for more information on any of these events.