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Established 1996
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Every member of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer's Group receives a free biography page where they can talk about themselves and their writing. They can also publicize their publications and, if they choose to do so, give away free samples of their writing to the general public.

Collin Burton
Collin Burton
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I\'m a native of Colorado Springs and I\'ve been interested in writing since I was a teen. That said, nothing I\'ve written has been published. Yet.

My professional training is in graphic design and illustration, and I\'m currently working as the Art Director for a local start-up company. I\'ve had some of my artwork appear in various books, including a zombie illustration used in Jonathan Maberry\'s book \'Zombie CSU.\'

I\'ve also created t-shirt designs for gaming/geek-centric SplitReason.com, but I haven\'t made anything for them in the last few years.

I\'m a bit burned out on the graphic/illustration front, and I\'m looking for a new creative outlet. I feel that it\'s writing.


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