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Established 1996
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Jazz Feylynn
Jazz Feylynn
  • Washington State University 1980 BA Interior Design
  • Orange Coast College 1977 Fine Arts & Liberal Arts
  • A member of CSFWG wildly fun Saturday group since Oct 2010
  • Saturday Officer from 2015 to 2017
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The life changing universes of Jazz Feylynn writing mark the hidden energies that glimmers the beauty within the story soul. Author of Fantasy, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction and Creative Nonfiction.

Jazz Feylynn is a new explorer to the world of creative writing. She adds writer to colorful artist and interior designer, movie and anime fanatic, an avid reader of many life favors. Who loves to travel throughout the world and beyond. With embellished adventures in the magical and mystical realms communicating with otherworldly beings: angels, fairies, and dragons. In her spare time from plants and critters that are her life, her projects include art, photography, textiles, embroidery, historical archiving, and herbology.

Jazz was born in Hollywood and raised in Southern California. The summer following her sophomore year during high school, she studied in France and then following summer worked in London, England across from Hyde Park. College years were spent in Pullman, Washington. She moved back to Southern California after Mount St. Helens ash cloud covered the town of Pullman before heading off to New Mexico a few years later. After 19 years, at the end of 2005, Colorado became her home.


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