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Established 1996
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Every member of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer's Group receives a free biography page where they can talk about themselves and their writing. They can also publicize their publications and, if they choose to do so, give away free samples of their writing to the general public.

J.T. Evans
J.T. Evans
  • CSFWG President, January 2009 to January 2013
  • CSFWG Webmaster, January 2009 to January 2013
  • CSFWG Secretary, September 2011 to January 2013
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Application Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Linux System Administrator
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Visit his official website at http://jtevans.net/
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J.T. Evans is a computer geek down to the very depths of his soul. He is involved in almost every aspect of computing a person could think of with a primary focus on security. J.T. got his first taste of creative writing in fifth grade and has dabbled in it on and off for years. Recently, J.T. decided to take the plunge to see if he could truly become a quality author. The end result has yet to be determined. J.T. spends most of his time writing in the cyberpunk genre, but that tends to get too depressing after a while. To take a break from writing about the worst in humanity, J.T. will delve into the world of fantasy. J.T. was raised in West Texas, spent a brief stint in Montana, and has been in Colorado Springs, CO since 1998.

Whispering Through The Veil An Uncommon Collection

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