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Every member of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer's Group receives a free biography page where they can talk about themselves and their writing. They can also publicize their publications and, if they choose to do so, give away free samples of their writing to the general public.

Marie Green
Marie Green
  • Author website: http://amitygreen.net
  • http://amitygreen.net/main/?p=49
  • https://www.facebook.com/amitygreenauthor/posts/107868949350020?ref=notif¬if_t=like#!/amitygreenauthor
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Marie resides in the town Colorado Springs, on the Westside because it\'s close to the mountains she loves. She lives in a charming yet modest turn-of-the-century Victorian in the old part of town. Marie enjoys several activities such as hiking, camping and kayaking. She\'s a lover of music, gardening, and animals.

Marie is a student of Creative Writing, British Literature and Drama. She toured London and Stratford on Avon during 2010 to enrich her knowledge of British Literature and Theatre there, attending workshops and several plays at England\'s playhouses and theatres.

Marie is a writer of Psychological Horror, Creative Nonfiction and Paranormal/Historical Romance. Her current project is \"Scales,\" which is her first work of Urban Fantasy.

Sunshine Beamed An Uncommon Collection


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