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Established 1996
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Matthew Maloney
Matthew Maloney
  • Former Marine and combat veteran
  • Student of history and the human condition
  • CSFWG Yahoo Group moderator 2005-present
  • My personal philosophy: "Shove your quips and -isms up your a**. My mind is free."
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I've been creative since I was born. I was raised a military brat and had determined at an early age to join the military. Yet, after screwing up a single tour in the Marine Corps, my writing hobby suddenly became the next calling. My view is that if it isn't going to raise a few eyebrows or anger a lot of folks, it isn't worth writing or reading.

Looking for that edge, and combining my experience, I have produced The Falcon of Tecora, a story of the human condition in extreme forms of privation, apathy, affluence, and faith. Some conflicts that are inevitable, with an encounter between mindsets that are unable to co-exist, and those are the stories I like to write.

-Semper Fi

Preferred Genres: science-fiction, military-political, religious (Judaeo-Christian-Islamic)


Publications Forthcoming


FALCON OF TECORA (novel chapters)