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Morgen Leigh
Morgen Leigh
  • Studied the Dramatic Arts and Social Psychology for six years
  • PhD. in People Watching. :-D
  • "In the Beginning" - Twilight Times, April 2005
  • "Papa Plays" - The S'Peaker, December 2004
  • "Murder and Musings at 2AM" - Apollo's Lyre, March 2003
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Morgen Leigh began fabricating stories when she was three years old and putting her dark flights of fancy down on paper when she was six. A voracious reader as a youngster, Morgen spent many hours scaring the hell out of friends and family and hanging out with the wood elves in her expansive backyard. At the impressionable age of 11 she read "Sybil" and promptly struck out on a quest to learn everything there was to know about the human psyche, with an ever-deepening interest in personality disorders, parapsychology, and Jungian theory.

"What intrigues me most is the capacity of the human mind to triumph over adversity and intense trauma--the capability to heal emotional and psychological wounds. Those are the stories I want to hear...those are the stories I want to tell."

In the Beginning Murder and Musings at 2AM Papa Plays

IN THE BEGINNING (short story) - A feminist fairytale based on the Genesis myth. Published in Twilight Times, April 2005.

PAPA PLAYS (short story) - A daughter's love song to her father. Based on a true story. Published in the S'Peaker, December 2004.

MURDER AND MUSINGS AT 2AM (short story) - A tiny intruder brings a powerful message about life and death. Published in Apollo's Lyre, March 2003.