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Patrick Hester
Patrick Hester
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Patrick Hester is an author, blogger, podcaster and functional nerd who hangs out and publishes his stuff at his blog, \\\\\\\"All things from my brain\\\\\\\" over at www.atfmb.com and on his twitter feed at twitter.com/atfmb. Recently, he launched a new web comic with Author/Artist Clifton Hill about the adventures of an IT nerd & the cat that rules the house: The Super Awesome Unnamed Comic: http://catbytes.atfmb.com/

Born in Chicago, he was raised in Fresno California where he lived until December of 1999 when he accepted a job in Tennessee. He lived there until 2003 when he crossed the country again and moved to Denver Colorado.

Today he works as a Marketing Professional in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. In his life he has been a: busboy, waiter, shipping & receiving clerk in a warehouse, advertising director for a manufacturer, bonded warehouse agent for a bank, owner of a web hosting company, customer service representative in a call center, web developer for realtors, computer repair guy, home theater installer & vp of customer service for a web marketing company.

He writes fantasy, science fiction and urban fantasy.

Patrick\\\\\\\'s goal is to be a published author.

First Contact / Space Battles: Full Throttle Space Tales #6 An Uncommon Collection